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I am not a blogger. I don't really read blogs. I have cancer and a quickly changing life. Which means a quickly changing reality. And as it turns out, thankfully and tremendously, I have a lot of friends and support. And you all seem to want to know what's up with me. And according to my parents, I've been a serious talker since I could talk. So, this seems like a perfect fit. You all seem interested and I have a bit to say. Here's the deal. I'm not used to sharing this much. I worry too much about what people think. I curse. A lot. Writing should limit this (hopefully). I am sarcastic - sometimes even appropriately. This blog will be whatever this is - scared, funny, angry, joyful, painful and at times graphic (but I will warn you). My grand hope is that this blog keeps me connected to you, helps me get through this and keeps me as open to all that this has to offer. Except the part where cancer takes over my life. Fuck cancer. My plan is to give it the peace out sign in 6 months or less. Happy reading.